If you are experiencing heel pain regularly, you may need some help for plantar fasciitis. This painful condition plagues both men and women, although it primarily targets middle age and older men.

Regardless of your age and gender, dealing with the heel pain of plantar fasciitis can be stressful. You can’t wear any of your normal shoes and each time you try to walk the pain is just terrible. I had it just once when I was 28 years old and the pain felt almost like someone had sharpened the bone in my heel to a fine point and that I was trying to walk on that point. Each time I get a little pain my arch or my Achilles tendon, I panic being afraid that I’ll get plantar fasciitis.

I credit a good pair of support slippers with keeping me pain free all this time (four years and counting). They really are a God send because the floors in my home are hardwood and I notice that I always start to get a little tingle of pain if I walk around without putting my slippers on immediately.

If you do not have any slippers, I suggest you get some now! You can get a single pair that you can wear all year long or get warm slippers for winter and slippers for summer that will keep your feet cool. Some of the slippers can actually serve both purposes, if you find the right ones.

Feel free to read the reviews on the site here to get some ideas on some slippers you can buy.