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When I came across these Orthaheel support slippers, I was looking for something that had good arch support and that didn’t aggravate my bunions.

What I got was something that did that and more. The Orthaheel women’s Relax Slippers came up on a search for me when I was looking for a good pair of support slippers. I was used to seeing slippers that were bootie slippers so the spa slipper design of these really appealed to me. I admit that I was skeptical that they would offer my feet the support and comfort that I wanted. I got the slippers on sale for around $50 at Amazon, which had the lowest price when I looked around. As soon as they arrived, I slipped them on to give them a try. I couldn’t believe how comfy these spa slippers were the first time I tried them on! If you’re looking for some comfy support slippers that are like spa slippers in design, look no further than these Orthaheel women’s Relax Slippers.

I later discovered why these slippers are so great. Not only are they designed by a doctor but they are actually recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil. These Orthaheel relax slippers have also earned the APMA Seal of Acceptance, which only the best products get. These women’s slippers keep your feet comfy by having a flexible midsole that reduces stress on feet, knees and ankles because it absorbs all the shock. Your feet will love the contoured arch support and deep heel cup. The slippers really help by keeping your foot in its natural position. These are excellent slippers for plantar fasciitis for women.

You can order the slippers in a variety of colors: blue, tan, white, pink and leopard print. They are easy to get on and off. And they are adjustable, so you can wear them comfortably with or without socks. Great for wearing in the kitchen or if you have a lot of hardwood, tile or other hard flooring in the home.

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