buy Bearpaw Men's Moc II Slip-On Moccasin Slippers best price

The Bearpaw Men’s Moc II Slip-On Moccasin Slippers are a great choice for keeping your feet, or your guy’s feet, warm and cozy.

These slippers are part of Bearpaw’s line of support slippers. As you may already know, the company is recognized for making a high, quality product all over the world. These moccasin slippers are no exception.

Like all the other slippers made by Bearpaw, you can expect the same soft and comfortable sheepskin lining. It does more than just keep your feet cozy though. It is also moisture wicking, which keeps your feet dryer. That is important because these slip-on slippers are designed to be worn with no socks – just your bare feet. You’ll be surprised by how comfy and warm they are with no socks on. I know I was.

The exterior is made up of a flexible rubber sole and a suede upper and lace-tied bow at the vamp. The footbed is cushioned for shock absorption as well.

With the durable sole, you can wear these Bearpaw slippers outside as well as inside. No need to take them off on the weekend if you decide to leave the house. Wear them to the game or anywhere else. Just don’t wear them out in the rain or snow because they are not water resistant, which means they can get damaged.

And if you’re interested, you can also get a women’s Bearpaw moccasin slipper that is identical to this men’s one.

Color choices for this shoe are limited to just four options. You can order the slipper in:

  • Navy
  • Black
  • Tan – light brown
  • Gray

Best Price: Where To Buy Bearpaw Men’s Moc II Slip-On Moccasin Slippers

Many different retailers, including Macy’s department store, carry the Bearpaw line of slippers. However, if you are looking for the best price, you need to buy online on Amazon.

The retail price of these slippers is $49.99, but they were just $39.98 on Amazon when I ordered. You need to confirm the price before you buy because prices change regularly.

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